Virtual Terminal

If you want to enter transactions manually, e.g. to take orders via phone or to run a Void or Return, our Virtual Terminal is the ideal solution.

The Virtual Terminal is the main page which you will use for all your Sale, Authorise Only as well as Forced Ticket transactions and for creating Payment URLs that allow consumers to make the payment at a later point.

Virtual Terminal

Since some of the other types of card transactions such as Completion and Return, need to look in the database to get order information, they have their own pages. Credit is a special transaction that not all users have access to, so it also has its own page.

A hide/reveal function is available for all sections of the page, which can expand to provide additional options or fields - such items are identified by a right-arrow graphic. When clicked upon, the arrow changes to point downward and the expanded choices are revealed. Clicking again reverses the process.


Performing a Sale transaction

To do a Sale transaction, you will need to complete all the required fields from the following sections. Then, fill in additional fields as appropriate for your transaction. Follow these steps to perform a Sale transaction.

 Hover over to click the links within the steps to expand the detail:

  1. If using the product catalogue feature, select items from the Product Catalogue
  2. Enter Order Information
  3. Select Credit Card as the Payment Method
  4. Enter Credit Card Information, select Transaction Type Sale
  5. If needed, enter further optional fields
  6. Click on the Continue button
  7. Review the data, make corrections if needed by clicking on the Back button, then click the Submit button. A Transaction Result page will appear.
  8. Review the Results.