Recurring Payments

Recurring payments can either be triggered by your system everytime a payment is due or you can make use of our scheduler that allows you to define the frequency and period (e.g. every three days, every second week, every month, once a year, etc.).


Triggering Recurring Payments

When triggering Recurring Payments through our API, you need to indicate if the transaction you are sending is the first in series or a subsequent transaction.


Using the Scheduler

Recurring Payments that shall be periodically triggered by our Gateway can be installed via three different options:


Option 1:
Schedule recurring payments using our API

The action RecurringPayment allows you to install, modify or cancel periodic payments in a way that
subsequent transactions will automatically be triggered by the gateway.

For every recurring transaction, the gateway can send a server-to-server transaction notification to a
defined Notification URL. Please contact your local support team to get your URL registered for these


Option 2:
Make payments recurring that get initiated through your website

To use this feature, the following additional parameters will have to be submitted in the transaction request:

Field Name


Possible Values




Number between 1 and 999


Number of installments to be made including the initial transaction submitted







The periodicity of the recurring payment


Number between 1 and 99


The time period between installments


Limit of 100





Any comments about the recurring transaction

Note that the start date of the recurring payments will be the current date and will be automatically calculated by the system.


Option 3:
Make payments recurring that you enter via the Virtual Terminal

The Recurring Payments section in the Virtual Terminal allows you to make a credit card (Sale) transaction recurring.

  1. To make a transaction recurring, select the Yes checkbox next to Make recurring?
  2. Next enter how often you wish to charge the customer. In the Bill the customer fields, enter a number from 1 to 999 with no decimal point and select day, week, month, or year in the dropdown box. For example, if you wish to charge the customer once a year, enter the number 1 and select year in the dropdown box. To charge the customer twice a year (once every 6 months), you would enter the number 6 and select month in the dropdown box.
  3. Select the month / day / year to start charging the customer in the Start on dropdown boxes.
  4. Enter the number of times to charge the customer in the End After textbox.