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Our banking and card issuing solutions offer modern integration capabilities through a Microservices layer that exposes functionality as RESTful APIs over standard secure web protocols, following industry wide standards and guidelines (OpenAPI, BIAN, IFX).

Explore, discover and try out our wide range of APIs for financial services.


Party Data Management APIs
Party / Customer Management
Customer Financial Position APIs
Customer Financial Position
Current Account APIs
Current Account
Deposit Account APIs
Deposit Account
Savings Account APIs
Savings Account
Loan Account APIs
Loan Account
Account Transactions and History APIs
Account Transactions and History
Cards Issuing APIs
Cards Issuing
Debit Card Transaction APIs
Debit Card Transactions
Payment Order APIs
Transfer and Payment Order
Counterparty Administration APIs
Counterparty Administration
Account Opening and Origination APIs
Account Opening and Origination
Sales Product Agreement APIs
Sales Product Agreement
Collaterals Allocation Management APIs
Collaterals Allocation
Insurance Product APIs
Insurance Product
Customer Order APIs
Customer Order