Payment.js Release Notes

September Release

UAT: 9/10; Prod: 9/15

- Fixed issue with last digit of credit card number being truncated. This bug only occurred if changing from AMEX to Visa.

- Fixed visual bug with the Credit Card number field in the client library being green, even though no card number had been entered. This occurred during form validation.

- Fixed issue with callback method setFieldFocus not being called on a successful focus on a field within the client library.

- Added known defects under the Known Issues section on

- Added a new section, Release Notes, on

- Removed autocomplete fields as a group. This is to fix an issue on mobile devices where hidden fields were able to be selected.

August Release

UAT: 8/13; Prod: 8/18

- postalCode field in client library increased from 6 to 24 characters.

- postalCode field in client library updated to now accept alphanumeric characters (was numeric only prior to this change).